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Bhutan Travel Adventures

Bhutan Travel Adventures

Bhutan, a place nestled in the high Himalayas is considered a privilege to travel by seasoned travelers throughout the world due to the fact that Bhutan Travel is unparalleled to many places due to its unique identity and rich culture. Although it is voted one of the world's top travel destinations, very few make it. It is tucked in-between China in the north and India in the south. Its rich and diverse flora and fauna earned the world's recognition as one of the Top 10 global Hot Spots. It is known as a habitat for some of the world's rarest plants, birds and animals which can be seen as you tour and trek.

It is also the Last bastion of Mahayana Buddhism. It is not merely the religion but the way the Bhutanese people live their daily lives. This kingdom, in the midst of the Eastern Himalayas has the highest species density in the world. Bhutan known to the world, as the Last Shangri-La is a tiny kingdom about the size of Switzerland. Its 658,000 people with a unique culture, friendly people, peace and tranquility live in this unpolluted environment. This makes the country a unique Travel destination.

National parks now make up more than a quarter - 26.23% - of its total land area of 40,076 square kilometers. Its National Assembly (Parliament) decided in 1974 on a forest policy to maintain at least 60 percent of land under forest cover. In 2001, the Government took a significant step in environment conservation by designing another nine percent of its land as biological corridors.

It opened to the outside world only in 1961. Planned development was initiated with Gross National Happiness as development vision. Television and internet found their way to the kingdom only in 1999. Most of the modern developments were pursued by preserving the age old cultures and rich biodiversity. All these positive developments were achieved due to the wise leadership of our Kings.

We at Bhutan Travel Adventures take great care, as the scenario of travel trends changes all over the world, to be more sensitive towards the needs of the discerning traveler's tour itinerary. Our company especially understand the importance of a knowledgeable, good guide for specialized tour, adventure trip and trekking. We provide the most reliable and experienced guides to escort you on cultural tour, Luxury trip, festival tour, honeymoon visit, Buddhist pilgrimage tour, photography trip, mountain biking adventure and motor biking tour. Our goal is to anticipate the requirements of sophisticated travelers and to deliver unmatched levels of quality and service. Our policy is to strive for guest's satisfaction. All trips and trekking itineraries can be designed to fulfill the optimum need of our guests. If you choose to travel with us we will provide all the information required to make your travel memorable. We understand the importance of your vacation time and our aim is to make it worry-free and unforgettable.

Fixed travel dates: treks, festival trip, luxury package and adventures! Bhutan Festival Date

Majestic Central Bhutan Tour
20th - 29th May, 2016
Spring Paro Festival Tour 2016
17 - 25 March, 2016 (Book in advance)
Jumolhari/Yaksa/Snow Leopard Trek
01st - 13th September, 2016
Bhutan Luxury Tour
Bhutan Luxury Tour Package, 5-Night
11 - 16 August, 2016
Bhutan Bumdra Trek
Bhutan Bumdra Trekking & Tour
15 - 21 September, 2016
Bhutan Adventures Trip
Bhutan Adventure Trips
22 - 28 October, 2016
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